Privacy Policy

The information collected by Vkarma is used for the proper functioning of the interface (here interface refers to app and website). The term “information” includes the information that is entered by the “User” (for the exact meaning of the term refer to our Terms of Use) and the information that we collect automatically.

Data shared by the User directly

The Use of our interface entails the User sharing some information which helps in identifying the User. Submitting the information, the User agrees that some of the Information may be visible to other users of the interface. Vkarma cannot be held liable for any data that is submitted by the user and made public by the user. Unless Specified, the information in the following subsection is ‘public’, meaning that the information is visible to all the users of the interface in a particular/more than one sections of the interface.

All the Data that are on the interface are provided to us by the educational institute after signing the MOU (Memorandum of understanding). Vkarma is not responsible for any discontinuity of Data. The username and password word by provided by the educational institution. Changing of the password is recommended after the first login.

Data collected when you contact Vkarma

Vkarma may ask for additional information when you contact the Vkarma customer support service, participate in any promo, game, contest or survey, give any testimony of using the Vkarma interface.

Data collected by Vkarma automatically

When the User uses the Vkarma interface, the following information is collected by Vkarma

Data from the activity

This is the data collected from the use of interface by the User. It consists of data such as the date of registration of the User with Vkarma, the last use of the Vkarma interface and data that tells us about the number of interactions of the user on the interface(like the no. of friend requests received/sent), the third party accounts (such as Facebook and Google+) connected to your account and the digital transactions that are performed by the User on the Vkarma interface.

Access to user

The access to the data and the users is specified by the administration of the educational institute to Vkarma edutech private limited. We are bound to maintain the integrity and privacy of the respective institution. All the information that would be published by the institution through instant massage are as per what is published by the organisation. The Vkarma is not responsible for any of the mismatch of data. The Vkarma holds no responsibility for the data getting not delivered to user due to unavailability of the device or the mobile network.

Transaction data

Vkarma is not involved in collecting or processing any bank data. The data is processed by the merchant and Vkarma doesn't have any power to change the payment methods. The only Data that is exchanged between the merchant and Vkarma are technical details that help us in confirming that the transactions have taken place.

Messaging Data

Messaging data is strictly private. Only the individuals involved in the conversation are implicated. The User can only send messages to the people who have accepted his/her friend request. Vkarma does not engage in viewing these conversations, except in case of judicial proceedings. The messaging data is not shared with any other User or third party.

Equipment and Device data

Vkarma collects data from the devices/equipment that the User uses to engage with the Vkarma interface. The data includes information like IP addresses, version of the application, mobile model, mobile ID, language used, operating system, application crashes, and advertisement ID. Vkarma does not have access to the browser history of the User. Cookies may be used to collect data.

Usage of Data

Vkarma collects data for the smooth experience of the User. The data collected is used for the following purposes:

a) Creating your Vkarma Account

b) Sending Notifications

c) Managing the interactions and messages between users

d) Getting your Educational details

e) Sending newsletters/promotional material from Vkarma or its partners.

Data sharing

Vkarma only provides selected authorized employees to access data for the purposes defined in the above article.

Vkarma may enter into agreements with third parties who may process a User's personal data. These partners help us in improving our services.

Vkarma may be required to share its User data in case of any corporate operation that includes but is not limited to merger and acquisition, transfer of control in the company or the termination of the company


If you have any problems or queries with regards to your privacy, you can contact us in the following ways:

a) Send a mail to

b) Send a letter to TBI 421A, NSUT, Sector 3 Dwarka, New Delhi, India